Hogan Seidel


they / them / their

I am a Boston-based media artist who works in the traditions of experimental film, new media, found footage, photochemical abstraction, direct animation, and collage.

My work investigates personal narratives relating to evolving queer myths and theories. I hope to uncover the relationship between technology, materiality, and queer identity.

My work has been screened at Onion City, Alchemy, Analogica, Indie Grits, ULTRA Cinema, Revolutions Per Minute, Artifact, Fracto Experimental, and PRISME.

I teach analog and interactive media as affiliated faculty at Emerson College and the University of Massachusetts Lowell. I am currently the senior programmer for the Boston LGBTQAI+ Artist Alliance (BLAA).

I have a BFA and MFA from Emerson College in Media art and am a current graduate student at Havard Graduate School of Education. My recent research surrounds queer theory and its possible application to higher education arts classrooms, curriculums, and policies.

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