Hogan Seidel


they / them / their

Hogan Seidel is an interdisciplinary media artist working in the traditions of experimental film, photochemical abstraction, and collage. They examine queer, southern, religious identity through the plastic medium of celluloid. Torn from the swamps of Florida, Hogan now resides in Boston, where they live with their husband and dog, Meatloaf.

Hogan’s 16mm films and expanded cinema works have screened at festivals such as London Experimental, Indie Grits, ULTRA Cinema, Revolutions Per Minute, Artifact, Saigon Experimental, FLEX, Fracto Experimental, and PRISME.

Hogan’s practice is based on the integrity of the filmic medium. Focusing on what truths lie in the cracks between emulsion, what awareness comes from chemical abstraction, and what hope is birthed from flecks of silver halide distributed across acetate, puncture by a machine, photons pressed through it.

Although Hogan’s work heavily explores the chemistry/integrity of film, it also transcends science and more towards religious practice. It takes on the rituals and language of the sacred. It’s inspired by the texts of the bible, the aesthetics of religious iconography, the hope of reaching out to the divine.

In this collage of image and chemistry, they hope to use earthly materials to build unworldly maximalist landscapes.

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