Cracked Hands (2018)

16mm, B&W and Color, 3 Projections, Silent

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Cracked Hands explores the history and myth of the queer body. The textures of each film reveal certain qualities of the relationship between the film plane and the represented flesh. Each Attention defines this myth.

The First Attention we are soaked in the black and white film, as if this defines the terms of time, like origin myths, yes, but also like the first thing that comes to mind or inspires thought. The texturing and rephotographing of digital ashes.

The Second Attention is born within the color film - so gentle, close, and rich in detail, and yet still allowing for its own ambiguities, not just the multiple exposure, but the sense that there is an obscuring going on in terms of what is literally under the fingers, or at their ends…little mysteries within the clear light of “perfect” film. This kind of closely intimate imagery suggests a transference of that first state of fascination into something more local, more tangible – a new version of fantasy, more gentle, home grown, warm…

The Third Attention is image made by hand, often murky, but oriented toward a very different positioning of fantasy, now in a wider shot, and brought to a state of mirroring, a movement away from close intimacy, and toward something more distant, but also more literal in terms of object/subject awareness…and yet the form is masked in murk, and exists as yet another surface….back to the Point – then we find ourselves moving from the originating myth, to the terms of intimate touching to a view as in a mirror – to watch, to look at, to see…

Hogan Seidel©