Exhibitions, Festivals, Lectures:


Saigon Experimental Film Collective, “Let's Look at Florida” (2018) Screening, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Fracto Experimental Film Festival, “Let's Look at Florida” (2018) Screening, Berlin, Germany

Indie Grits, “Let's Look at Florida” (2018) Screening, Columbia, SC

London Experimental Film Festival, “Cracked Hands” (2018) Screening, London UK


Freeform, GROUP EXHIBITION, Boston LGBTQAI Artist Alliance, Gallery 263, Somerville MA

Student Experimental Film Festival, “Cracked Hands” (2018) Screening, Binghamton NY

Ultra Cinema, “Cracked Hands” (2018) Screening, Veracruz Mexico

Florida, New York, GROUP EXHIBITION, Usagi Gallery, Brooklyn NY

New England Graduate Symposium, “They/Them/Their Body” Installation Presentation, Boston MA

After Dark, Screening of Fruit Loops (2018) & Memory Portal (2018), Boylston Place Boston MA

Uncommon Project, Screening of Water Obsolescence, Little Building, Boston MA

Sanctuary, GROUP EXHIBITION, Gallery 263, Somerville, MA


Screening Backside of God (2017), Bright Family Screening Room, Boston, MA

Art for Humans: New Media Art in a Post Internet World, GROUP EXHIBITION, Huret & Spector Gellary, Boston, MA

Direct Animation, 16mm Guest Lecture & Workshop, Emerson College


Direct Animation, 16mm Guest Lecture & Workshop, Emerson College

The Artist as Maker, Thinker, Feeler, GROUP EXHIBITION, The John A. Cade Center for Fine Arts Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Post-Gay?, GROUP EXHIBITION, organized by Boston LGBTQAI Artist Aliance, Distillery Gallery, Boston, MA


A Black Mass, GROUP EXHIBITION, Witching Hour Festival, Iowa City, IA

Teaching Fellow, Course AAAS109 Using FIlm for Social Change, Harvard University, Fall 2015


BFA Thesis Screening, Emerson College, Boston, MA

Queer Experience, SOLO EXHIBITION, Paramount Center, Boston, MA
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