Daisy Chain, Print Series (2023)

Phytograms, 70mm, Daisies soaked in non-toxic developer

Print Series (2023)

Multiple Exposures, Medium Format, Processed with an Eco-Developer made of Pollen

Cyan Reverie

Layers upon layers, 
                    a melange of iron, an assemblage

                                              silhouettes dance
                     solace in these intricate brushstrokes
amidst the ephemeral frame

Like veil’s mist
                Queerness unfurls, finds sanctuary
                                              defying constraints

               ancestral echoes, suffused in fragments,
rise from time's embrace


On-going print series (2023-)

8 x 10”, Multilayered Cyanotypes

Desert Collages, On-going print series (2022-),

B&W Film, Medium Format, Multiple exposures, Processed with an Eco-Developer made of Cactus Flowers

On-going print series (2021-)

Collage polaroid emulsion on watercolor paper.

Hogan Seidel©